Organic Raw Food & Juice Cleanse Challenge in West Hollywood + $20 Gift Card

Raw Food & Juice Clease in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills

"It's rewarding from the 1st sip. During day 4, everything that I had wanted from the Raw Food & Juice Cleanse had begun to show. I was losing weight. My skin had become very clear. My energy level was sky high. At the end of day 7, I feel and look the best that I've ever felt, from the inside out. I can't wait to do it again!" - Mia, 35, Beverly Hills

On our individual journeys to health and happiness, one thing rings true to all of us. The food that we put in our bodies is more important than almost anything else. Whether your health goals are weight loss, clean energy, detoxification, clear skin, mind body optimization, disease prevention, healing and treatment of health issues, or any number of others; the food that we consume is single handedly the most important step in achieving our health goals in the most natural and healthiest way.

At Alchemy Health Food, we're committed to delivering the highest quality, freshest, most nutrient dense organic health food, smoothies, small bites, tonics, shots, juices, and desserts. Everything is made in-store at our humble neighborhood hangout in West Hollywood.

As a token of our appreciation, everyone that purchases a 5 or 7 day cleanse anytime from now 'til Monday, June 6, will receive a $20 Alchemy Health Food gift card! Call, email, or stop in to reserve your spot.

Interested in learning more about our cleanses? Here is certified holistic nutritionist, Claudia DeMarco, the founder and creator of TruVitality™ and the TruVitality Method™, speaking about the cleanses that we offer at Alchemy Health Food. Watch the video.