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Raw Food & Juice Cleanse + Pilates

Alchemy Health Food Group Cleanse April 2016

Join us for a Group Cleanse Challenge with super tasty Raw Foods, Juice Blends and Smoothies, starting Monday April 4th.

Mention this post when you call to reserve your Cleanse and you will receive 1 Free Pilates Class at JK Zen Fitness just down the street from Alchemy in West Hollywood.

All of our cleanses were created by Certified Holistic Nutritionist Claudia DeMarco from TruVitalityTM Method.
Promoting Weight Loss, Increased Energy, Clear Skin, Reduced Stress, Better Sleep & Mental Clarity!

You can chose from the following Cleanses:

A 5 or 7 day Raw Food and Juice Blend/Smoothie Cleanse (includes one Raw Food one Raw Snack and four 16oz. Smoothies and/or Juice Blends, per day)
A 5 or 7 day Green Detox Cleanse (includes six 16oz. Smoothies and/or Juice Blends, per day)

Price for a 5 day cleanse: $300
Price for a 7 day cleanse: $420

Click here for more information regarding our cleanses and other offerings.

Please provide Alchemy (310.360.0238) with your Credit Card info by 5:00PM this Sunday, April 3rd to reserve your Cleanse. You may pick up your cleanse every morning, or we can deliver it to you. Delivery is Free for the 90069 zip code.

"TruVitality's collaboration with Alchemy Health Food was designed to give our clients a healthy alternative to the traditional juice cleanses. During your "Truvitality + Alchemy" cleansing program you'll be nourishing yourself with green smoothies and Raw meals from Alchemy as well as the option to eat as much fresh ripe fruit and veggies as needed. Our method is drastically different than what people are most accustomed to when they think of a cleanse yet our results are far more appealing. During the program you will be nourishing yourself to weight-loss, renewed energy, clear vibrant a Skin and improved mental clarity.

"Cleansing doesn't have to be drudgery, it can be fun, satiating and rejuvenating; leaving you empowered to make healthier choices when your cleanse is complete." 
—Certified Holistic Nutritionist Claudia DeMarco from TruVitalityTM Method.